Padua University, Italy

Dr. Yvonne Kalliope Maratos, M.D.

Born in Greece, Dr. Maratos studied medicine in Germany and France. She started her residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Münster, Germany, before converting to interventional osteoarticular radiology.

Following her specialization in radiology, she trained in France, Germany, and USA. She obtained ECFMG certification.

She specialized in image-­‐guided treatments of the spine and articulations. Her specialty situated between surgery and radiology in performing mini‐invasive procedures with local anesthesia. Dr. Maratos avoids conventional invasive surgery. Due to her expertise and experience in this highly specialized domain, she is regularly invited to medical congresses and has given more than 90 presentations.

During her academic activity at the University Witten Herdecke, Germany, the European Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris and the University Hospital in Nice, France, she has contributed to several scientific articles, books and given numerous presentations.

Dr. Maratos has been in private practice in Cannes since 2017. She maintains her academic engagement as a reviewer for European Radiology and her active participation as co-writer in various scientific papers and books.

In 2013 she began focusing on female pelvis imagery. Inspired by a publication by Dr. Ostrzenski, she performed clinical research on female anatomy and was able to confirm in vivo the G-spot complex visibility in pelvic MRI. This work published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2015. Dr. Maratos continues her research in both this domain and interventional treatments of the spine.