Padua University, Italy

Prof. Ilona Błocian, Ph.D.

Prof. Ilona Błocian is an academic teacher and researcher in philosophical anthropology, social philosophy, history of ideas, and history of psychology.  She is an initiator of the foundation of Bachelard Society and its activity in scientific research, projects, and publication connected with the worldwide network of scientific societies, International Research Center on the Imaginary (CRI2i) and cooperation with French researchers and scientific community in University of St. Petersburg. Her main interests are philosophies of an image, history of the idea of unconsciousness, visual communication, and social structures of collective imagination. She is a laureate of Rector Award for Scientific Achievement (University of Wrocław) and works in the Institute of Philosophy and Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław.

Scientific Research:

Prof. Ilona Błocianisa co-author and author of scientific projects: The Power of an Image. Anthropological and Philosophical Grasps of the Image (with the cooperation of Prof. J. Krasicki and research team), Archetype and Cultural Image (with the collaboration of Dr. E. Kwiatkowska). The primary object of research is anthropological grasps of the image, matrix image, archetype, myth with relations to the social influence. The research in visual sociology, the psychology of advertisement, cognitive grasp of the visuality, political hegemony compared with philosophical conceptions of the image. There created in cooperation with French and Russian researchers a set of publications devoted the activity of imagination in social, political and scientific domains.

Main Publications:

Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Myth. Freud, Jung, Fromm - 2010

Myth-Studies I. Philosophical and Sociological Aspects of Myth (co-ed.) - 2011

Myth-Studies II. Contemporary Presence of Myth (co-ed.) - 2012

The Power of Imagination. From the Anthropology of an Image (co-ed.) - 2017

Contemporary Influence of C. G. Jung’s Thought (co-ed.) - in print

Jung’s Social Thought and Critique - in print

Specializing in:

Philosophical anthropology (psychophysical problem), history of psychology (history of the idea of unconsciousness), social psychology (aggression), social structures of collective imagination (visual communication), research on myth (psychological and philosophical conceptions of myth).