Padua University, Italy

Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor Adam Ostrzenski is one of the leading experts in female genital cosmetic-plastic, pelvic reconstructive surgeries, and the stress urinary continence novel surgical therapy. He is also a laureate of many professional awards for his contributions to the advancement of gynecologic surgeries. He holds a full-professor university title and is the emeritus director of the Division of Operative Gynecology.

Clinical-Scientific Research:

In 2012 and 2014, Professor Ostrzenski’s scientific articles about cosmetic gynecology were ranked number one in the world (each year, publications selected from over 23-million domain). Recently, he completed the 3-year clinical-scientific study in which established the SUI pathophysiology (the defective urethral stabilizing mechanism) and based upon this discovery developed the new “the urethral stabilization procedure” for the SUI therapy without using slings, meshes or nonabsorbable sutures. This fresh operation produce has a high objective and subjective cure rates. Professor Ostrzenski developed several new surgical techniques in laparoscopic, classic abdominal, and vaginal surgeries, published educational books and authored numerous scientific-clinical and educational articles. Most of these scientific-clinical articles are relating to reconstructive and cosmetic gynecologic surgeries. He also developed new clinical classifications for vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal introital defects.

New Discoveries:

Professor Ostrzenski discovered and published in the prestigious medical journals the following new anatomical structure relating to the female urogenital tract:

  • The G-spot within the anterior-distal vaginal wall
  • The adipose sac structure within the labia majora
  • The clitoral frenulum deep stratum structure
  • The urethral stabilizing mechanism(unpublished yet)

These anatomical discoveries adopted in the process of developing new surgical interventions for cosmetic-plastic gynecology; in female stress urinary incontinence.

Specializing in:

Professor Ostrzenski actively practices female genital cosmetic, reconstructive, and corrective female cosmetic-plastic surgeries; conducts clinical-scientific research; teaches surgeons cosmetic-plastic gynecology, pelvic reconstructive surgeries, and the newly developed by him urethral stabilization procedure for SUI. Additionally, Professor Ostrzenski offers training in a surgeon’s operating theater.

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