Padua University, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is my privilege to warmly welcome you to “The 1st World Congress of Modern
Cosmetic Plastic-Gynecology: Innovative Surgical and Medical Management”
Padua, Italy, May 15, 16, 17, 2020

I’m honored to accept my selection to serve as the President of the Congress under the auspices of the Padua University and His Magnificence Rector, Prof. Rosario Rizzuto, M.D., Ph. D. The congress is going to be held on in Padua City, which was established in northern Italy by Trojans in 12th century BC. The Padua City has its character and reaches architectural and educational history (located in the 10-15 minutes by a local from the Venice City). The Padua University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in Europe, which was erected in the 1222 year and has been functioning since.

The concept of the Congress was developed with the cooperation of the Institute of Gynecology, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. and we are determined to make every effort to have the most advanced and memorable clinical-scientific-educational congress for clinical scientists and practitioners of cosmetic-plastic gynecology from different continents.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph. D., Dr. Habil, and Dr. Honoris Causa for accepting the position of the Scientific Committee Chairman. Furthermore to Prof. Dr. Franco Bassetto from Italy for expressing his willingness to serve as the Chairman of Clinical Affair; to Dr. Mark N. Scheinberg from the U.S.A. for accepting our invitation to function as the Congress Chairman of the International Scientific Committee; and to Dr. Sergio Garofalo, Italy, to be the Chairman of the Local Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee has been preparing clinical and scientific exciting programs reflecting the current knowledge and practical activities in the cosmetic-plastic gynecologic field. Additionally, educational courses and special interest workshops, approved by the Congress Scientific Committee, would be available before and after the Congress. We can reassure a prospective audience that this scientific-clinical congress will provide the contemporary scientific-clinical cutting edge of knowledge, innovative surgical interventions and medical therapies, supported by scientific-clinical facts. Congress program includes the new technologies applicable in the cosmetic-plastic gynecology as well.

I want to take this opportunity and to congratulate Prof. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski (U.S.A.) for the XXI Century groundbreaking, the critical new G-spot anatomical structure discovery and Prof. Dr. Mats Brännström (Sweden) for developing a uterine transplantation surgical intervention. Both of these outstanding clinical scientists are going to address the Congress in Padua.

With a tremendous personal satisfaction, I like to invite you to present your paper(s), or only participate in the Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Dr. Matts Brännström, the father of uterine transplant, which is the most advanced female pelvic reconstructive surgery known today. You may join the Special Lecture on the G-spot anatomical structure and G-spotplasty by Prof. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski who was awarded for the title of “Father of Modern Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology” by the Indian Society of Cosmetic Gynecology. Moreover, you can join Prof. Dr. Mario Plebani, the Dean of Medical School at the Padua University, who will address the Congress with regards to the Padua University prospective role in education and training of cosmetic-plastic gynecology. Furthermore, you can also join Prof. Ilona Blocian from Poland who will elaborate on social-cultural changes, which triggered the cosmetic-plastic gynecology interest, or Dr. Kasia Ostrzenska, she will update us on the role of hormones in cosmetic-plastic gynecology.

The congress will invite speakers to present the Inaugural Lecture, the Special Lecture, Keynote Addresses in an inaugural Session, Plenary Sessions, Round Table Discussions, and Great Debates on Controversial Topics, Free Communications, and Poster Sessions. Invited scientific-clinical experts will concentrate on the current practical knowledge of cosmetic-plastic gynecology. The oral clinical-scientific presenters will elaborate according to their mode of practice. These established pioneers in the field will assist the Congress’ audience to incorporate the principles of cosmetic-plastic gynecology practically to maximize success in this field with a particular emphasis stressing on avoiding surgical complications, improving surgical outcomes, and recent progress in the practice. Our sincere desire is to prepare the Congress for multiple specialties, which is currently practicing cosmetic-plastic gynecology, such as gynecologic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologic surgeons, urologic surgeons, and general surgeons.

The congress will emphasize the role of the gross, functional, topographic, surgical anatomy, sex therapy, psychology, sociology, and ethics to help us to understand better the cosmetic-plastic gynecologic field. We will compare the differences as well between deceptive-unethical practice and the modern, non-deceptive method.

The congress will also offer a unique educational pre- and post- congress courses and hands-on workshop with CME approved credits and supported by dry, wet laboratories, video-clips, and educational lectures enhanced by PowerPoint. We are trying to establish a live OR surgical demonstration via the closed TV circuit on selected cosmetic-plastic gynecology surgeries. Additionally, we plan to invite pertinent to cosmetic-plastic gynecology industrial companies for their exhibits.

I’m confident and look forward to the opportunity to personally greet you all at Padua University, Padua, Italy, on May 15, 16, 17, 2020!!!

Kind regards,

Prof. Erich Cosmi, M.D., Ph.D.

The President of The Congress