Padua University, Italy

Mission of the Congress Accreditation


The Padua University, Italy, offers the premier world congress in modern cosmetic-plastic gynecology with primary objectives to identify: causes for major complications; weaknesses in education and training; reasons for low surgical outcomes in cosmetic-plastic gynecologic surgery. Upon determining these weaknesses, the Padua University plans to establish international scientific-clinical research and clinical training center (the very first academic division of gynecology) to solve these problems and to protect women’s well-being.

This Mission will be Accomplished by:

Scientific-clinical presentations designed to meet the expectation of clinical scientific researchers and clinical practitioners. The Padua University and Congress will make an effort to answer any significant question. We will accept your questions to the penal of experts in advance and encourage you to submit them.Questions from Congress’ participants and answers will be provided after each session.

Integrative round table discussions between a panel of experts and audience will be conducted by the end of each major session. Experts should enlighten the audience on current knowledge and surgeries in the cosmetic-plastic gynecology field.

The Congress has been contemplating a live telesurgical transmission to introduce a live observation of surgery. The logistic of such a presentation(s) is in the stage of programming and coordinating with a medical governing body.

A case-based presentation is welcome either on surgical techniques, or postoperative outcomes, or surgical complications, or medical therapies, or applications of new technologies. The selected panel of experts will discuss your case and provide the best advice. You will be a part of this clinical debate.

Pre- and Post- Congress Education:

Courses/workshops/videos with regards to cosmetic- plastic gynecology as well as combo aesthetic surgery supported by videos and PowerPoints presentations will be offered. These practical, educational events are designed for gynecologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologic surgeons, urologists, and general surgeon.Additionally, pre- and post-operative corrective surgery for complications in the cosmetic-plastic field will be included.